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There is nothing I love more than putting together a Christmas wishlist. There’s something about this time of year where I feel like you can admit to wanting to be a little more indulgent than usual. And wishlists are one of the cheapest ways of shopping. Sure I always end up wanting it all and that’s never going to happen.. but there’s still something that I love about making lists. So imagine if someone told you that you could win your wishlist? The other day Links of London got in touch to let me know that they’re running a Pinterest competition. All you have to do is create a Links of London Christmas wishlist and tweet the link to your board to have the chance to win your entire wishlist, up to the value of £1200, this Christmas! You can find full details here.

To help promote their competition, I said I’d put together my Christmas wishlist too! Obviously in an ideal world a black lambskin 2.55 would always come top of the list. But rather than lust after things I REALLY can’t afford, I thought I’d stick to a slightly more realistic budget. Since I’m pretty skint at the moment my money needs to go on presents (and not ones for myself) so I didn’t want to get too carried away with myself..

Rather than one big present, I’m more interested in having lots of little things. And usually that may include a piece of jewellery, or a watch. I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been opting for quite minimal jewellery, sticking to wearing a couple of simple pieces with a watch. I’ve not really returned to my MK watch this year, preferring to wear my simpler Daniel Wellington watch I got last year. But I’m still after a new metal strap one. Maybe something like an Olivia Burton one or this Links of London watch, where it’s still got quite a simple face.

Since I’m trying to take some time to relax, a lot of the things I seem to be picking out are perfect for cosy nights in the house. There’s nothing better crisp new PJs, a nice big mug of something hot and a relaxing scented candle (Bosson has opened my eyes to the wonders of Diptyque after she got me an amazing Ambre candle for my birthday). I’ve also been looking at lot more at homeware lately, and I’d love to create more of a space where I can write in the flat. Trouble is space is limited since I’ve got the smaller bedroom. But I’d love something like this lamp and maybe a new side table that could serve as a makeshift desk. Along with nesting, I’ve also decided that I want a record player. Don’t ask me why. It’s a complete whim based probably on watching too many old French films. Anyway, this Crosley is appealing to me because: 1) it’s small so won’t take up much room, 2) I’ve already decided it’ll look cute standing on top of my Hemnes chest of drawers.

A new DSLR has been pretty high on my list (although not within the reasonable price range of presents you can ask someone for) for a while now. I’ve been mulling over what sort of model to get, how much I really need one and what sort of spec would be good enough. I’m torn between choosing something at the higher end of the scale, knowing it will be used for work too, or just opting for a cheaper model which will do me for now. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the former and just pushing myself into getting a full frame like the 6D (so I don’t get bored and ending up wanting to just upgrade anyway). But I’m definitely open to advice and suggestions?!

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